About Us

MetricsTab is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) SEO tool aimed at helping website owners and marketers boost their online visibility and achieve top search engine rankings. Based on market research insights, the tool analyzes keyword data using data from the Google Search Console API.
Our offerings come with various dashboards that access data from the Google Search Console programmatically. These dashboards feature reports such as the "Winners & Losers" report, which highlights significant changes in organic and paid keyword rankings and search traffic compared to the previous month, the "New" and "Lost" reports that display newly ranked and lost keywords in the top 100 organic results, and the "Striking Distance" report that highlights keywords close to ranking on the first page.

In addition to these insights, MetricsTab provides comprehensive SEO solutions to enhance website traffic quality and quantity worldwide.

Work with us!

MetricsTab is a rapidly expanding company that values dynamic growth. To maintain its competitiveness in a rapidly changing industry, the company seeks out young and talented individuals to join its team. The company is committed to transforming the conventional approach to business tools and requires professionals who share the same vision. Its dedication to exceptional services and support has been the driving force behind its success in becoming a preeminent SEO management platform.